When Sagar Sasmal with his friend Chirag Saripadiya first started making customized cell phone covers in India, little did they know that the whirlwind purchase would lead to the start of something new, something much bigger than what they could have imagined at the time.

This was around 2018-2019. The customized phone case market was steadily picking up steam in India and ecommerce platforms, tracing pop-culture trends across the globe. At the time, innovative designs in terms of merchandise were at a nascent stage.

This held true especially in the phone accessories market, where creativity and innovations were just building up.

Sagar soon turned the success of the Facebook page into a full-fledged ecommerce platform, dedicated to phone accessories along with a range of other products.

Casebasket.in , as of year 2024, personalises pop culture-inspired products such as customized phone cases, unisex t-shirts, caps, hoodies and sweatshirts, AirPods cases, mugs, posters and other gadgets.

The reason Sagar and Chirag has managed to establish Casebasket.in as a go-to brand in the phone accessories market can be attributed to his singular approach to phone cases and covers.

“We took our niche as an advantage,” they say, explaining how they complemented this approach by garnering over half a million followers on Casebasket.in’s social media platforms.

Once Casebasket.in garnered a steady following, though, the focus moved to the design aesthetics. The ecommerce startup now has a dedicated team handling the design, a team that makes sure the product is durable and easy to carry, and a team to actually create a prototype of the idea and research on its aesthetics and practicality.

Sagar is a design-oriented entrepreneur – prior to starting up, he worked with a digital agency named Pixeltrack – and invests a great deal of time in the design aesthetics and product development. Today, his startup has over half a dozen products that are made in-house.